Hotel tips and booking a room in Trinidad

port of spain hotel tips

No one wants to show up to a beautiful travel destination and discover that the room they booked for the week isn’t exactly what they were expecting. It’s easy these days to just go online, look at some pictures of the properties and then reserve your room online. But even with the ease of making a reservation online, those pictures of the hotel room, bed and breakfast, or villa rental might be years old and not representative of the room or villas condition today.

We have noticed this very thing has been mentioned to us by clients who now use our services, but tried to do everything themselves in the past. They have told us that it’s just not worth it in the long run to try to figure out everything and then know for sure that the room, hotel, or villa they booked was going to turn out correctly. If you are travelling to Trinidad and Tobago, contact us via email and we can help you make your arrangements. We are knowledgeable about most of the properties on Trinidad and Tobago and if we are not, we are simply one phone call away from finding out for you with certainty.

Hotel Tips And Booking A Room

If you do choose to go the online route, then here are some tips to help you book your room or villa:

  1. Do some searching on review sites that actually qualify and verify the reviews. Sites like TripAdvisor and Virtual Tourist are good starting points. Look for review on Yelp and Google + as well, but take them with a grain of salt. Get into some forums that you can find and ask some questions.
  2. Check the hotel’s website and see when it was last updated. Also check out and see what it says about value for your money, size of room or villa, condition of the room (tile or carpet), the noise levels, etc.
  3. Use Google Earth or Bing Maps to get a better view of the surrounding areas and what they look like. Is the area primarily a destination area with lots of places to eat, bars, dance or is it in an industrial area or far away from much of the nightlife. These are things you will want to take into consideration.
  4. Also consider safety as well, make sure each room or villa has deadbolts on the doors and a peep hole to view out. Do you know what number you would call in an emergency? Check the exit areas and fire escapes before you book as well.

I hope these tips on booking a hotel room, bed and breakfast or villa help you. Please do contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you.


3 Great Places To Visit In Tobago


Little Tobago Island

If you enjoy hiking, on the very east end of Tobago is Little Tobago Island. Little Tobago Island is not populated, but it’s a bird sanctuary with several miles of trails. There are some great views from the hillside and you can find the Red-footed Boobies and Frigate birds. You can also catch a glass bottom boat that will take you to Little Tobago Island where you can enjoy the sea life and views from atop the majestic Caribbean blue. You can also bring some snorkeling gear and catch guide to explore the reef and then have a hike to explore the beauty of the island.

Main Ridge Forest Reserve

The Main Ridge Forest Reserve, or Tobago Forest Reserve, is the oldest protected forest in the Western hemisphere. The British Parliament gave the forest its protected designation back in 1776. You’ll find many species of birds, frogs, snakes (nonpoisonous kind) and some incredible rain forest. There is a government guide service that you pay to take you around for a minimal fee. We highly recommend taking the tour and learning about all the vast amounts of plants and animals. Tobago is also home of the nesting beaches of the leatherback turtle that you can find there from April to July.

Fort King George and Tobago Museum

Take a trip back in time when you visit Fort King George that was built by the British from 1777 to 1779. The Fort has restored colonial buildings and some really great views. Many cannons line the grounds and peak out from the stone walls. The Tobago Museum is located in what was formerly the officer’s quarters and you can view old maps, military artifacts and some great water color paintings by Sir William Young.

Plan to spend a day or two exploring the sites in Tobago. You’ll have a great and relaxing time seeing the colonial buildings, wildlife and rain forest adventures.

Getting Married In Trinidad and Tobago


If you are planning to get married while you are here in Trinidad and Tobago, we have some wedding tips for you to help you plan your special day and make all your events run smoothly. Trinidad and Tobago is a popular vacation destination and it is also popular for tropical weddings – we have all the luxuries you need, white sandy beaches, beautiful reception areas, limousines and anything else you need. If you have planned to make Trinidad and Tobago the place for your magical wedding day, we are very excited you chose this one of a kind place.

First things first, make sure you have a valid passport and it is not set to expire within the next 90 days. I know that it goes without saying, but you should make sure you have that in order for your entire wedding party. The official currency is the Trinidad and Tobago dollar, so your hotel should be able to handle any money conversions that you need to make while you are here. In order to get married on the island, you will need proof of address, identification cards, and permission to marry from our immigration control office. To make things very easy, you might want to hire a Certified Wedding Specialist while you are planning your wedding to make things run more smoothly.

Next, you should look into your hotel reservations and see if the hotel offers special packages for destination weddings. There are several popular hotels for weddings in Trinidad and Tobago. These include Kariwak Village Holistic Haven and Hotel (Crown Point), Coconut Cove Holiday Beach Club (Manzanilla), The Villas at Stonehaven (Black Rock), Anise Resort and Spa (Sans Souci), and Courtyard by Marriot (Port of Spain). Of course there are many others, so do a little checking and find your perfect location. Many of these hotels will also have reception venues.

If your hotel doesn’t have a reception venue, there are several options for your wedding reception. Here are some popular wedding reception venues: Hyatt Regency Trinidad, Trinidad Hilton, Centre of Excellence and Drew Manor. Lots of options for your dream wedding!

What you should see and do while you are celebrating your wedding in Trinidad and Tobago… You should definitely go on a nature and wildlife tour. Some great places to see in the Tobago Forest Reserve and Englishman’s Bay. There are also horseback riding tours along the beach and swimming with the horses. Off-road 4×4 tours are also very popular for the adrenaline junkies. There are also many boat tours, water sports, and other outdoor activities to partake in . Don’t forget to hit the the popular landmarks like Fort George, Queen’s Hall, Buccoo Reef, and Mount St. Benedict Monastery.

We’ll leave you with the nightlife. When you’re not “honeymooning”, you’ll want to step out to party with the locals. Check out the Red Lion Pub, D’Lime, The Anchorage, and Cat and Fiddle for sure. If you get your fill of those, just ask some locals for a few more recommendations and they are sure to point you in the right direction for some great fun and food.


Port of Spain In Trinidad


Port of Spain

Port of Spain is the capital city for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Port of Spain, however, is only the third largest city behind Chaguanas and San Fernando but it’s the premiere city in all of the Caribbean. Port of Spain is a very modern city with a beautiful skyline. There are some very beautiful sites to see while you are in Port of Spain. Some of these great sites include The National Academy of the Performing Arts, Queen’s Royal College, the Gothic Rosary Church, Red House (Parliament), Christopher Columbus Square. The city has different named areas including Downtown, Laventille, Belmont, Woodbrook, St. Clair, St. James, Mucurapo, and Queen’s Park Savannah.


There is no shortage of things to do and see in Port of Spain. Lots of culture and art to visit and experience while you are here. One of the oldest theatres in the country, The Little Carib, was founded by Beryl McBurnie, a local dance legend. Queen’s Hall was built to serve as a multi functional facility and various theatrical events take place here. The city’s newest addition is the National Academy of the Performing Arts  and the very modern looking building has lively acoustics and is simply joyful to be in.

You’ll also want to visit the National Museum and Art Gallery. This museum and gallery is Trinidad and Tobago’s most important art museum and it worth your time to visit.

Food and fun

You don’t have to wander very far in Port of Spain to find some great nightlife and restaurants. Pretty much any type of cuisine you are looking for can be found. There is American, Italian, Indian, Mexican, Thai, French, Japanese, Chinese and a host of other nationalities that you can enjoy while you are in Port of Spain. There is also the Ariapita Avenue area which has lots of great entertainment where you can find jazz lounges, open air dining, and all sorts of live entertainment.

Plan on spending a minimum of 2 days to explore some of the great food, arts, museums and entertainment that Port of Spain has to offer. If you can afford to stay longer, you won’t regret it.


Great Beaches To Visit In Trinidad And Tobago


Trinidad and Tobago Beaches

While visiting Trinidad and Tobago, you definitely don’t want to miss heading out to the beautiful beaches. There are many popular beach areas on these luscious island get-a-ways. You’ll want to bring some snorkeling gear with you or rent some from one of the shops in town. Grab that sunscreen, water (and your favorite beverages), some towels and you are all set.

Maracas Beach

Maracas Beach is located on the north side on the island of Trinidad. It’s about an hour drive from Port of Spain over scenic mountainous regions. Maracas Beach is one of the most well known beaches in Trinidad and it’s deep water protected by a bay. The drive to Maracas Beach is simply incredible, you’ll want to stop a few times to catch the views. There are also some great shops there that sell local preserves and some great candy, so bring a little extra cash to make some indulgent purchases.

Pigeon Point

Pigeon Point, also called Pigeon Point Heritage Park,  is located on the island of Tobago. It is probably Tobago’s most popular and beautiful beach. There is the signature thatch-roofed jetty which is well known world-wide as a symbol of the beauty of Tobago. There is a resort at Pigeon Point resting along the white sand beach. Plenty to do at Pigeon Point with the water sport shops and great dining. There is an entry fee to Pigeon Point of around $4 per person, so plan accordingly.

Other great beaches on Trinidad

Some other great beaches you can visit while on the North side of Trinidad include Tyrico Bay, Las Cuevas Bay, Blanchisseuse, Scotland Bay and Macqueripe Bay. These are also very popular beaches for snokeling and swimming, or just relaxing on the beach. On the Northeast coast, you can find Matura, Saline Bay, Balandra Bay, Sans Souci, Salybia Bay, and the Grande Riviere. So you have plenty of choices for some great fun and relaxing while you are there, again you’ll want to get some snokeling gear to check out the sea life if you enjoy that type of activity.

Take your time to explore the beautiful beaches of Trinidad and Tobago while you are visiting. Even if you need to plan to extend your stay a day or two, it is definitely worth your time to see and experience some of these wonderful beaches. We hope you enjoy your visit to Trinidad and Tobago and get a great tan while you are here!