3 Great Places To Visit In Tobago


Little Tobago Island

If you enjoy hiking, on the very east end of Tobago is Little Tobago Island. Little Tobago Island is not populated, but it’s a bird sanctuary with several miles of trails. There are some great views from the hillside and you can find the Red-footed Boobies and Frigate birds. You can also catch a glass bottom boat that will take you to Little Tobago Island where you can enjoy the sea life and views from atop the majestic Caribbean blue. You can also bring some snorkeling gear and catch guide to explore the reef and then have a hike to explore the beauty of the island.

Main Ridge Forest Reserve

The Main Ridge Forest Reserve, or Tobago Forest Reserve, is the oldest protected forest in the Western hemisphere. The British Parliament gave the forest its protected designation back in 1776. You’ll find many species of birds, frogs, snakes (nonpoisonous kind) and some incredible rain forest. There is a government guide service that you pay to take you around for a minimal fee. We highly recommend taking the tour and learning about all the vast amounts of plants and animals. Tobago is also home of the nesting beaches of the leatherback turtle that you can find there from April to July.

Fort King George and Tobago Museum

Take a trip back in time when you visit Fort King George that was built by the British from 1777 to 1779. The Fort has restored colonial buildings and some really great views. Many cannons line the grounds and peak out from the stone walls. The Tobago Museum is located in what was formerly the officer’s quarters and you can view old maps, military artifacts and some great water color paintings by Sir William Young.

Plan to spend a day or two exploring the sites in Tobago. You’ll have a great and relaxing time seeing the colonial buildings, wildlife and rain forest adventures.